The all-rounder ANOLYTE
The rapidly changing environment presents us with ever larger and urgently to be solved tasks.

Water is not only a problem in the countries of the so-called 3rd world. In this country too, clean, germ-free water is an increasingly difficult asset to obtain.

Envirolyte WPC is a company that offers inexpensive and highly effective answers to the question of ecological and economic disinfection without harmful side effects of primary and secondary water treatment and water treatment.

Our products are characterized by the consequent avoidance of chemicals and the highly efficient elimination of germs as well as the degradation of biofilm in the pipeline network.

The production process guarantees new and high-quality products that meet all statutory parameters including parameters of the Drinking Water Ordinance (TWVO and EN 901) without hesitation.

ANOLYTE is produced exclusively with water, salt, electricity and "Know How" and has a reliable, antibacterial and fungicidal effect.

ANOLYTE is a product with high oxidative power, stable redox and pH values ​​without the constituents of xenobiotic substances present in aldehydes, chlorine gas and other synthetic agents.

Many bacteria are transported and distributed with the water. Adhesion in the lines and on surfaces creates biofilm with bacterial growth.

High-dose use of chlorine is not a suitable means due to the quantity limitation set in the TWVO (Drinking Water Ordinance) for health reasons.

Likewise, physical systems such as UV radiation does not reach germs and legionella in the biofilm.

Other systems are also controversial and not efficient due to the high energy consumption or the high chemical load.

With ANOLYTE, optimal disinfection is achieved by effectively combating both existing and retrograde contamination.

When disinfecting water pipes with ANOLYTE, it is crucial that water is drawn regularly, since the decontamination takes place via a regular water flow.

Bacteria, viruses and fungi cannot develop resistance to ANOLYTE.

So e.g. Coliform bacteria, especially E. coli, pseudonomas, Enterococcus, Staphilococcus, Clostridium, fungi, viruses, Candida, Legionella, etc. are reliably eliminated.

Legionella are bacteria that occur naturally and in drinking water. Legionella become problematic when using hot water, when inhaling the smallest drops of water, so-called aerosols, e.g. when showering, in the whirlpool and in steam saunas, but also in the cold water area in air conditioning systems with humidifiers and the associated cooling systems.

The bacteria get into the lungs and can cause the so-called legionnaires' disease, a form of pneumonia.

The infections are common and are more severe in people with weakened immune systems.

Facilities with a high risk potential are therefore also clinics, retirement and nursing homes, hotels, wellness centers, swimming pools, hydrotherapy facilities and generally the surroundings of cooling towers (thermal power plants).

Other sources of infection exist e.g. in dental devices, oral irrigators and inhalers, which form aerosols

In the hot water supply, the frequent occurrence of Legionella is related to the ideal basis for reproduction in the temperature range of 20 ° - 55 ° C.

This is often found in closed hot water circuits with long pipes.

Legionella live in the "biofilm" of pipes, shower heads etc.

The most frequently used measure is thermal disinfection (heating the water to the point of extraction with at least 55 ° C).

However, the “biofilm” is not broken down with this measure and encapsulated colonies can continue to multiply immediately.

In "24-hour operations", thermal disinfection is hardly feasible for the staff due to the high risk.

When water taps or tapping points are opened manually, contaminated water vapor is inhaled.

All systems such as UV systems only work partially because only circulating germs are detected. The biofilm remains unaffected.

“Biofilm” is a layer of microorganisms that colonize the surface of pipes and surfaces. Their metabolic products cause mucus formation, which is also called hydrogel.
This gelatinous film (matrix) made of extracellular polymeric substances provides nourishment and protection for germs.

The water is permanently contaminated with germs due to the detachment of matrix particles.

The use of ANOLYTE has shown that both legionella and the “biofilm” are reliably and completely eliminated.

ANOLYTE does not attack the oxide layer on iron and copper pipes.