Health & prevention with Anolyte

The use of neutral anolyte is largely recommended in the clinic. Neutral Anolyte is non-toxic, has no side effects and is biodegradable. Its composition: water + NaCl in the M0 category. Neutral Anolyte complies with the Biocide Stability received approval No. 0322/07
We clean it up completely all Areas from Body.
Drinking water anywhere.
Washing hands, care and wound care (e.g. diabetics, inflammation, and for all Persons have a disabilities. 
Dental services: removal of dental plaque and biofilms
Cleaning the dish.
Use in the kitchen: washing vegetables and storing fresh food.
Installation in the hot water network for preventive measures and / or therapeutic efficient on disease air Treatment.
Use in laundry. Disinfection of laundry waste water treatment.
Treatment of air conditioning cooling towers, biofilm removal, Energy saving, due to the lack of layers of limestone
Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces: floors, walls, windows, furniture, etc.
Operation: Sterilization at room temperature: disinfection of endoscopes, sensors,
Objects made of synthetic rubber or natural ...
In addition, neutral anolyte offers a perfect solution for disinfection in the microbiological field.
The biocidal effect of neutral anolyte is significantly higher than other alternatives such as glutaraldehyde.
The absence of hazardous chemicals improves working conditions and provides safe execution.
Neutral Anolyte is an environmentally friendly product and does not require any special determination.
The use of anolyte does not require any special knowledge and is easy to use