Tests prove that ANOLYTE is an effective disinfectant or disinfectant. Studies have shown that ANOLYTE complies with the standards of the Drinking Water Ordinance (TVO).

The trihalogenic substances that are produced during the production of ANOLYTE are also far below the norm of the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TVO) and do not pose any danger. ANOLYTE is recommended as an effective, safe and effective agent! Important conclusions from the report of the IHU (Institute for Hygiene and Environment in Germany).
• Drinking water treatment in cities and rural areas
• Drinking water treatment in the food industry
• Water treatment in the brewery and beverage industry
• Drinking water treatment on boats and airplanes
• Drinking water treatment in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.
• Other applications can be found in animal husbandry
ANOLYTE is fed into the water circuit from a container with a metering pump. The
Dosage depends on the properties and quality of the water.

ANOLYTE is made with water, electricity and NaCl solution. ANOLYTE is a transparent and colorless liquid with a slight smell of chlorine. It contains various oxidizing acids and mainly consists of hypochloride and sodium hypochlorite (active ingredients - HClO, ClO2, HClO3, HClO4, H2O2, O2, ClO, ClO2-, ClO3-, O, HO2-, OH), which are strongly bactericidal in DESANOL® and have a sporicidal effect.

The characteristics of neutral ANOLYTE are as follows:

- pH of ~ 7.0

- Concentration = active chlorine 500 mg / l

- there are no toxic ingredients

The advantages of treated water with ANOLYTE

Due to the very low concentrations of active chlorine (table below) none is produced

Toxicity or any other form of toxic substances.

Concentration of active chlorine (in treated water)
 Hypochlorite ANOLYTE
Drinking water 1 - 4 mg / l 0.25 - 0.5 mg / l
Groundwater 35 - 55 mg / l 5 - 10 mg / l

We guarantee
Due to the disinfection with ANOLYTE, the TMC value = 0. Treatment with ANOLYTE does not change the important characteristic values ​​and properties of the water.

• ANOLYTE removes the biofilm and algae in the water system

• The lines do not need to be rinsed after disinfection

• ANOLYTE remains effective for around 12 months when undiluted

• The dosage of ANOLYTE is easy