Welcome to Envirolyte, your Specialist for Water treatment and Disinfection 100% without Chemical additives!
Envirolyte W.P.C Ltd. Group of companies is at the top worldwide when it comes to the design and production of generators for water treatment and disinfection.
Our self-imposed quality standards, our customer service and the now more than 15,000 systems installed worldwide confirm the success of our technology in producing a disinfectant on site that kills almost all types of harmful microorganisms without generating resistance and does not harm the environment because it is biological is degradable.

The steadily growing demand is an indicator of the quality and reliability of our patented devices, which meet the highest ecological and economic requirements and ensure the property of your investment.

The electro-activated anolyte produced by our devices is the answer to all problems in which water quality and reliable disinfection play a role, be it in medicine, cattle breeding, in swimming pools or in Food and Fruit production .
The application possibilities are unlimited and it is cheap Product, environmentally friendly, highly effective without generating resistance.

We will Kill  CORONAVIRUS and Clean it up, African swine fever, SARS, coliform bacteria in drinking water and all Places, included vaporization, MSRA in hospitals and all other microbiological loads can be eliminated quickly with our system.

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